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Lily Allen Asks Take That For A Duet

I went up and said: Hi! I ve ripped off a song of you! I was drunk at the time . Lily Allen pop singer revealed that he approached Take That in a restaurant and asked them to sing a duet with her. The 23-year-old star told NME that he wanted to include a song called Who D of known for his new album and asked Take That to sing on it because of its similarity to their registration Shine . Allen said: I went to dinner and were at the same restaurant.
18.12.08 16:53

Hollywood Privacywatch Shenae Grimes

No, I m not his publicist. For all the negative reports you believe you d be hanging around douched as stains and Les Deux etc. Saw a SHENAE GRIMES Woods last night. Real beauty and undiva-apparent. [Hollywood PrivacyWatch is written by and for Defamer readers, send your sightings. I had actually met her a Happy Ending a couple of weeks ago.
18.12.08 16:53

Dannii Minogue Slams Britney Spears Quot X Factor Behaviour

They were really excited to be in his presence and only you said, Hi , five acts, said Minogue.. DANNII Minogue pointed out some comments about Britney Spear attitude of other singers, following the singer appearance on the British X Factor.In shows his typical style political correctness, Dannii Minogue has noted some comments about Britney Spear, after the princess rag May snubbed X Factor competitors during an appearance on British show.
18.12.08 16:53

Sarah Palin And Hugh Grant Have Similar Political Qualifications

However, I began to suspect that the film optical assistants were talking. I was in optical Chelsea Manhattan, when I heard one of the assistants perspective, I think they are called to discuss the movies with the other. What? asked the second, very reasonably. One in which he is a mayor of a small town, said the fan Hugh Grant. He, however, the role of Britains Prime Minister. At this point my curiosity was, annoyingly, has aroused. I really like that Hugh Grant film, said the first. What? Again, an understandable response. L with a Hug Grant and the girl. Hugh Grant has never, to my knowledge, has played a mayor of some small towns. I hate that movie was that the conversations, mostly because I never know what was filmed.
18.12.08 16:53

Cd Review Heavy Rotation Anastacia

The music on her latest offering Heavy Rotation is a good mixture of up-beat dance tracks from slow and soft pop songs. With Heavy Rotation has made a successful return to his soulful roots. In 2003 she was treated for breast cancer and fortunately has responded well to treatment, but that course had its toll on her and has developed a tougher, rockier style, more of a fight against the sound, for his third album. From his first single, the air-wave Im-HOGGING Outta Love in 2000 Anastacia was a household name for fans of strong and soulful voices.
18.12.08 16:53


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